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    Betting Agent is one of the best betting app for PC which will help you to supercharge your performance. Betting Agent App was created for automatic arbitrage in sport. It will let you place your orders faster and get the best prices.

    Hit the target every time. Application will search existing arbitrage situations automatically and suggest you best bets in real time. It is possible to make 100-150 bets per day.
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    All you need is to create an account in betting shop, make a deposit, adjust settings on Betting Agents, and press «Start».

    1 month
    100 £
    / month
    Benefit 0 £
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    3 months
    95 £
    / month
    Benefit 15 £
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    6 months
    90 £
    / month
    Benefit 60 £
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    12 months
    80 £
    / month
    Benefit 240 £
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    The average profit with the use of
    Betting Agent is not less than 6%.

    We provide 24/7 days customer support service. Our team of results-driven experts will support you at any point. Whether you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock — we’ve got you covered all the way.

    Call us on +353 1960 9697/+353 89 9798033 or feel free to write to us directly using the following email address: support@brclab.eu


    Also we provide Sports Trader Class. This course is aimed at beginners to sports trading and to those people who want to look at taking their recreational trading activities to a higher level.

    It is suitable for beginners to intermediate bettors and traders familiar with betting terms and how a betting exchange operates. The course is primarily horse racing & football focused.