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    Change the way you think about sports betting

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    Beth is the friendly, game-changing AI who guides punters through the maze of the betting world, proving them with exclusive insight along the way and helping them to emerge on the other side as winners. Providing, for every single month, following simple, real-time recommendations.

    Based on the theory of probability, Beth implements a complex algorithm which includes analysis of numerous parameters, such as:

        Desirable arbitrage situations
        Conditions of horses
        Conditions of racecourses
        Statistics on jockeys
        Numbers of horses in a race
        And many other parameters
        Please visit beth.bet for more information.

    Product Facts
    Innovative betting solution.
    Robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure.
    GDPR compliant
    Processing over 10,000 bets every day by our software.
    In-house development and proprietary AI.
    Customer support, dedicated managers for VIP customers.
    About Us
    BRC IT Lab

    BRC IT Lab was founded in 2017 by experienced gaming industry professionals who are first and foremost players themselves.

    BRC IT Lab is registered in Ireland (Registration No: LP2547, Registered Office: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02XT91).

    Our skills and development experience help us to provide the end user with a high quality product. Our team of developers provides you with an ideal solution both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of using it with ease and comfort.

    Optimization of all functions, development of a personal interface adapted individually for each customer, taking into account his preferences. As well as regular updates using innovation and timely support and customer feedback.

    BRC IT Lab provides:

    • Consulting services
    • Engineering services
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • AI and ML
    • Research and development

    The company is also focused on creating products for online gamblers. Beth is its flagship product.

    Beth is a state-of-the-art AI-based horse racing prediction tool. At the heart of its system lie powerful algorithms that implement mathematical probability laws on arbitrage situations. Beth checks, in real time, many important factors, like horse pedigree, history, track conditions and even weather reports. The result is unprecedented accuracy in horse racing prediction. Beth recommends, with measurable success, winning horses, especially underrated ones. Its advice will lead to a profound change in users betting patterns, with better insights and increased chances of profit. More information here.

    BRC IT Lab continually works to improve existing products, to ensure our customers enjoy the best possible betting experience.

    The company is proud to work with key leaders in the betting and payment industry. We strongly believe that an involved, ongoing, and day to day relationship with our partners is the best way to grow together. We achieve this by working daily to tweak and improve any aspect of our products that is the key to success business.

    Beth’s key benefits
    Beth users can achieve a monthly profit of up to 150% (actual percentage depends on users’ calibration and loyalty to Beth).
    Arbitrage betting does not require a PhD in mathematics anymore! We provide easy step-by-step guidance which will appeal to pros and punters alike.
    Beth covers the UK’s top bookmakers in horse racing: BetVictor, Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, 888 Sport
    Beth responds with lightning speed to all parameters needed in arbitrage betting (bookmakers' odds changes, races and jockeys’ conditions), so players always get the top predictions.
    Beth goes beyond the bookmakers’ odds. Our system filters and analyses several factors every second, from the venue of the race to the number of horses participating, even current wind conditions!
    Hypothetically, you could do what Beth does – but this would demand 24 hours of your full attention every day, plus an army of helpers. Not practical! Beth doesn’t take away the fun from betting, nor make it a “profession” where you have to sit glued to a screen for hours on end. Beth does the hard work for you!

    BRC IT Lab is a forward-looking company, making investments based on modern technology that is continuously being developed and improved. Our software functions in a simple and intuitive way for players. We are on a global expansion course allowing our customers to share in building an international network.

    To ensure that we continue being a leading provider of software solutions for virtual sports and betting, we strive daily to improve our products and create new, exciting value-added solutions for our partners.